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At present the production facility of Minsk Grape Wine Factory JSC in Minsk is the largest enterprise producing grape wines in Belarus.

Production volume:more than25.5 million product units per year.

Production capacity: more than 34 million liters per year.

Technology: Minsk Grape Wine Factory JSC utilizes the technological process of "cold bottling". This technology differs significantly from the traditional wine bottling methods. The specific feature of this advanced technology is that the wine is passed through various sterile filters (including membrane filters), which prevents the occurrence of microorganisms in the finished product. The wine is not subjected to heat treatment, thus it retains its natural color, taste and aroma, and, most importantly –its beneficial properties. Products manufactured according to this cold filling process are marked with the inscription “Cold bottling”.

Equipment: state of the art Italian equipmentfor storage, processing andbottling of products.

Laboratory:the factory has its own laboratory where a strict multi-leve ltechnological controlis implemented at all stages of production.



The Brest branch of Minsk Grape Wine Factory JSC isamong the top three largest producers of liqueurs and spiritsin the country.

Production capacity:more than 27million deciliters (dals) per year.

Technology: the perfect quality of products is achieved by the process of multi-stage filtration with natural materials: silica sand and activated birch wood charcoal.

The products are also addition all ytreated on gold, platinum and silver filtration systems for harmonization of their organoleptic properties. All this,as well as theuse of high-quality alcohol of the "Lux" category give the finished productits excellent taste and aroma, and also significantly reduce the "hangover" effects.

Equipment: state of the art European equipment for storage,blending, preparation andbottling of products.

Laboratory: the factory has its own production and technological laboratory accredited for compliance with the requirements of STBISO/IEC17025and TRTS021/2011 standards "OnFood Safety". Strict controls are implemented at all stages of production from the receipt of the raw materials to the output of the finished products.






The excess of alcohol
is harmful to your health