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31 December 2014

New ultra-premium vodka «Statut» produced with diamond filtration

The first batch ofthe newultra-premium vodka «Statut» was produced in December 2014. The main idea behind the creation of this brand was the desireto remind our contemporaries of the485-year anniversary of the issue of the Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaof 1529.

The Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania(Statut- Law(old Belarusian)) isthe highest achievement of the ancient Belarusian legal thought and the foundation ofthe entirelegal systemof the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In total there werethreeversions ofthis document: «Statut of 1529», «Statut of 1566» and «Statut of 1588», the firstof which was, of course, the"Statute of 1529". This document represents a medieval Constitution of its kind, functioning in allthe lands of the modern Belarusandoneof the most progressivein Europe at that time.

Vodka «Statut» is an original link between the Middle Ages and modern times. The bottle design combines modern shapes with historical elements taken from the printed Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.  For example, the cap contains an excerpt from the original text of the Statute - a moral call from King Sigismund to judges to apply impartiality and fairness while considering cases under the Statute. The original signature of King Sigismund is engraved on one of the sides of the bottle.

«Statut» is an advanced an innovative brand. Even the most picky and capricious buyer will appreciate the neutral flavor and softness of the product, achieved by the use of special diamond filtration technology.The bottom ofthe bottle, having the shapeof a diamond,points to thepremium class of this vodka andremindsaboutits purityandnoble origin.



Read more about the product here: https://mzvv.by/produkcziya/krepkij-alkogol/vodka/vodka-statut.html


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