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02 March 2014

Rum «EL DIABLO»: a drink for Caribbean pirates

Выпуск рома «El Diablo»

Release of «El Diablo» rum

Alcoholic beverages of other cultures are becoming more and more traditional at Belarusian feasts. One of the most esteemed among these is dark rum, also called black rum. This type of rum is equally good for use both in its pure form and for making cocktails, such as highly popular Mojitos andPina Coladas. The only obstacle to the mass distribution of rum in Belarus was its high price. But now gourmetshave a selection - dark rum “El Diablo”, bottled at the Brest branch of JSC “Minsk Grape Wines Factory", recently appeared on the shelves of Belarusian stores.

“El Diablo” is a real Caribbean rum imported from the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. It is produced at the same factory as the world-famous rum Angostura - by a company founded in 1824.

As it is required by rum production process, «El Diablo» is aged in oak barrels, in most cases charredfor obtaining the unique dark color of the beverage. The result is wonderful black rum with rich flavor, aroma and color, great for any feast.It will also be particularly appreciated by cooks, who can use it for making cakes, rum babasand many other delicious recipes that require dark rum -such as"El Diablo", produced by JSC "Minsk Grape Wines Factory".



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