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08 August 2014

JSC «Minsk Grape Wines Factory» turns 14

History has no subjunctive mood. Thus it is fruitless to guess what the history of Belarusian wine industry would have been now if JSC "MGWF" had not appeared on the map of the country fourteen years ago today. But as they say, it would be a totally different story. And today Minsk Grape Wines Factory has its 14th anniversary.


The appearance and activities of"Minsk Grape Wines Factory" have set forth the direction of development of an entire sector in the food industry, has contributed to economic growth and diversification of critical imports in Belarus, and influenced the structure of consumer demand in the country.
  Fourteen years after its creation this Belarusian enterprise declares with pride - it is now among the ten largest taxpayers in Belarus. It’s worth noting here that only two of the top 10 companies in the national economy have Belarusian private ownership, and one of them is JSC "Minsk Grape Wines Factory". According to the statistics, tax revenue of the company constitutes almost 1% of the total budget revenue of Belarus.

 "In 14 years JSC "MGWF" has grown from a small enterprise with a staff of 25 people into a large manufacturing company - 500 jobs created in Minsk, and more than 300 - in Brest, - says General Director Ivan Trotsky. - The average salary in the company is 34% higher than the average in the country ".

 Today we have a good reason to recall the main stages of the way passed by "Minsk Grape Wines Factory".


JSC "MGWF"’s desire to release only high-demand products receives international recognition: Svayak Standard won the top award (Trophy) at the International Spirits Competition-2013 in London. 

In 2014 Svayak Standard won the highest award at San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Today the production capacity of JSC "Minsk Grape Wines Factory" allows to produce more than 34 mln. liters per year in Minsk, and more than 67 mln. liters per year in Brest. The Company’s product list consists of more than 200 products sold in almost allBelarusian stores licensed to sell alcohol.


Over the years the products of "MinskGrapeWinesFactory" have received more than 220 awards at international tasting competitions in Belarus, Russia, UK and USA. The geography of exports is constantly expanding - Today the products of this Belarusian company are known and boughtin Russia, Kazakhstan, Baltic States, Germany, USA, Israel, Lebanon, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Moldova.



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