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01 March 2015

“Mini”, “split” or“3-7-5”– Ambassador wines in new bottles

The line of Ambassador still wines was updated with a 0.375 liter bottling volume, fundamentally new for the Belarusian market. This practical and convenient bottling type is called “mini”, “split” or "3-7-5"around the world.

Advantages of this new type for the consumer:

1. Easy opening of the bottle. The bottles are provided with a screw cap, which allows to open the bottle without a corkscrew.
2. Smallbottlevolumeisconvenient: 
-firstly, such volume is ideal for studying different types of wine;
-secondly, its perfect when one wants to drink no more than one or two glasses of wine and not leave the remains to "hang" in the refrigerator for a long time;
- and, thirdly, in large companies everyone may drink their own individual type and variety of wine.

The following varieties appeared first in the line:

  1. Old monastic cell medium sweet white
  2. Old monastic cell medium sweet red
  3. Monastic hut semi dry white
  4. Monastic hut semi dry red
  5. Chardonnaydrywhite
  6. Cabernetdryred
  7. Muscatmediumsweetwhite


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