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10 February 2016

Soviet Champagne TM AMBASSADOR received GOLD in Moscow

Semi-sweet "Soviet Champagne" TM AMBASSADOR received GOLD in Moscow.

On February 10 at the tasting competition of the largest Russian exhibition "Prodexpo-2016" Soviet Champagne TM AMBASSADOR, produced by JSC "Minsk Grape Wines Factory" was awarded a gold medal. It is noteworthy that the award went to Soviet Champagne in Moscow – because Soviet winemakers had been the ones who invented the champagne making method that later became known all over the world.

In addition, two types of Soviet Champagne, produced by JSC "Minsk Grape Wines Factory" won silver medals:

• Soviet Champagne brut ТМ AMBASSADOR

• Soviet Champagne semi-sweet ТМ AMBASSADOR

Thus, almost all of the produced types of Soviet Champagne TM AMBASSADOR were highly appreciated by the jury.          


It is worth noting that the tasting competition was attended by large manufacturing companies, including the ones from traditional wine-producing countries - France, Italy and Portugal.

Belarusian alcoholic beverages have already earned credibility among Russian consumers, comparing favorably with other products due to high quality and excellent taste properties. This fact gets confirmed year after year by the results of "ProdExpo" - one of the largest exhibitions in the CIS and Eastern Europe.

It is not the first time when products of JSC "Minsk Grape Wines Factory" get awarded with gold medals at this prestigious exhibition, which only confirms the legitimacy of a new victory.

Soviet Champagne TM AMBASSADOR is produced by traditional technology known since 1937.

   The label of "Soviet Champagne" of the mid 20th century

It is produced by reservoir method from carefully selected best Sauvignon and Chardonnay grape varieties. This gorgeous sparkling drink has elegant pale straw color, typical of the noble champagne, delicate aroma and a lovely light harmonious taste with tender fruity tones. Soviet Champagne TM AMBASSADOR has a persistent mousse. The play of golden bubbles may be seen in the glass filled with this elegant wine. 

Semi-sweet Soviet Champagne is best combined with sweet fruit desserts, cakes, ice cream.

Soviet Champagne produced by JSC "Minsk Grape Wines Factory" is easy to find on the shelves of retailers. Its main distinctive feature is a white label with gold lettering and TM AMBASSADOR sign. This is what sets this product apart among the competitors. 

A number of factors contribute to the success of this product.

Firstly, of great importance is the experience and professionalism of the team of engineers of JSC "Minsk Grape Wines Factory", working on this project.

Secondly, excellent wine materials, which do not leave a chance to make a product of poor quality.

Thirdly, the important contribution was the acquisition of modern European equipment purchased by the factory in 2008 for storage and champagnization of products. MGWF’s capacity to produce sparkling wines has increased significantly, and the quality of the end product has become far superior.

The combination of these factors makes it possible to produce such elegant and delicate product in large quantities and satisfy the requirements of the Belarusian buyer in full.

"Produced by traditional technology from high quality materials on state-of-the-art  Italian equipment, Soviet Champagne TM AMBASSADOR has absorbed all of the experience of our staff and our commitment to offer only the best products to our customers," - said General Director of MGWF Ivan Trotsky.

The head of our company is actually a Doctor of Science in the field of winemaking. His doctoral thesis, defended in the last year, and dedicated to the technology of production of white sparkling wines, has practical value: his work resulted in the improvement of the technological process and the release of varietal Soviet Champagne, as well as obtaining a patent in the production of Soviet Champagne.

Due to the results of research obtained in this work the factory was able to implement the technological process that greatly improved this exquisite drink. Research and implementation of the invention took 5 years. The work had thoroughly investigated all stages of the champagne production. It resulted in the implementation of technology that allowed obtaining the product of highest quality by significantly improving the organoleptic properties of champagne.

Ivan Trotsky is confident that Minsk Grape Wines Factory is able to find adequate solutions to any challenges. "We believe that our goal is to constantly improve the quality of products. Our company always makes efforts to develop and extend our portfolio. Only in 2015 we launched about 45 new names, regularly restyled the existing brands to make them more attractive and interesting to buyers. Our products are popular in the domestic market. They also have high export potential - now they are sold in many countries ", - said the head of the company.

Having successfully established itself in the domestic market, JSC "Minsk Grape Wines Factory" also confidently explores foreign markets. After all, the quality of the company’s products – is a brand not less recognizable than the title of gold medalist of "Prodexpo-2016"!

Soviet Champagne AMBASSADOR! A feast that is always with you!

Some facts

At present JSC "Minsk Grape Wines Factory" is the leader among the producers in the wine industry of the Republic of Belarus, as well as one of the two existing plants in Belarus that produce sparkling wines and champagnes by natural aeration.
Factory Founded: 2000.
Volume of production - more than 30 million units per year.
Production capacity - more than 34 million liters per year.


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