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10 February 2016

Vodka Svayak wins a STAR at PRODEXPO 2016 in Moscow

Vodka Svayak. Standard won a STAR at the spirits tasting competition, which was held in Moscow in the framework of the PRODEXPO 2016 international exhibition of food products.

The Star of the tasting competition is a unique award for outstanding quality in the category of "vodkas". Because the authoritative jury awards the Grand Prix only to the most worthy product of unique quality and outstanding organoleptic properties. More than 300 vodkas were tasted this year by strict connoisseurs. The competition was attended by all the leaders of the alcohol industry - both manufacturers and dealers of foreign companies. And Belarusian Svayak had an absolute victory!

And this is not the first award for Svayak. In 2013 vodka Svayak.Standard received a prestigious gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge in London. And in 2014 at the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco Svayak. Standard also won the gold medal.

The slogan of "Prodexpo" exhibition is "Time tested recipes for successful business". Svayak’s recipe has really stood the test of time - the brand is loved by Belarusians and regularly wins top awards at international competitions.

The secret of success of this Belarusian-made product of JSC “Minsk Grape Wines Factory” is quite simple to understand and incredibly difficult to achieve - the highest quality. This characteristic distinguishes Svayak. Standard in the market among huge number of other vodkas.

Head of the company Ivan Trotsky stressed that a Star received at the Moscow competition for any manufacturer is like an Oscar for the film industry, and for this reason Svayak victory is deeply symbolic. "This victory is absolutely deserved, as we are constantly working on the quality of our products, seeking to offer only the best drinks to Belarusian customers", - said General Director.

It is not by accident that Svayak has taken a leading position in today’s world market of vodkas. “Release of this product in Brest is overseen by Deputy General Director for Production Alexander Tsven - the same man who managed the production at the Nemiroff plant in Ukraine. His experience and knowledge now help the Belarusian product find its way to the hearts of consumers in many countries ", - said Ivan Trotsky.

Technology "100% Pure Quality”™

All steps of the manufacturing process of Svayak vodka are combined into a single technology called "100% Pure Quality”™. It is a complex of technological processes, control systems for incoming raw materials, water treatment and filtration, that make it possible to produce a clean vodka on a qualitatively new level, exceeding the existing standards (GOST and STB).


To make the best product, you need to have the best ingredients. To this end, the company introduced a permanent monitoring of their quality - multi-level tasting controls, automatic measuring of physico-chemical parameters. The figures are reflected on the back label of each Svayak bottle – in terms of quality they exceed by a huge ratio the norms laid down in the standards (GOST and STB). Thus, consumers can assess the characteristics of each batch of product right on the spot at the store.

Natural extracts

Only natural extracts of plants and herbs are used in production of Svayak: birch buds, linden flower, ginger, oak bark, and many other species.

Cleaning and blending water

Water undergoes a special multi-stage cleaning process. But it still maintains all of its "live" properties - ​​harmonizing of the taste of Svayak happens only because of the presence of minerals in the water. The process of blending water is the company’s know-how and is fully automated.

Multi Filtration

Svayak is filtered only through natural filtration materials –processed through active birch coals. A coal with "directional effect" has been developed especially for Minsk Grape Wines Factory. And quartz sand is used as an additional filtration step. Final cleaning through platinum filters gives the drink an extra touch of noble taste. The system of filtration by stages is the company’s proprietary technological process called Multi Filtration.

In February 8-12 Moscow hosts PRODEXPO-2016 - the 23rd International Exhibition for Food, Beverages and Food Raw Materials - the most important business event in the food industry in the CIS and Eastern Europe. This largest forum has for many years been determining the development of leaders in the food industry and alcoholic beverages in the region. This year, Prodexpo is attended by over 2,000 manufacturers of beverages and food products from 65 countries. The high authority of the event is confirmed by participation of the world's leaders and leading manufacturers, suppliers, representatives of the most famous food industry brands.



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