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24 September 2017

Fashionable classics "Stradivari"

Our wine line continues to expand. On the trading shelves a new brand "STRADIVARI" arose.

In the light came 2 wines - grape wine, natural semi-sweet red "Cabernet" and grape wine, natural semisweet white "Chardonnay".
 "Cabernet" is a wine of magnificent dark ruby ​​color with a characteristic varietal aroma, with shades of morocco and pleasant taste with tones of red currant, nightshade and violets. It is recommended to serve room temperature for meat dishes and salads.

"Chardonnay" - this elegant wine is made of the same name of white grapes. The color is light straw, has a delicate fruity aroma with notes of wildflowers and a pleasant taste with a bright fruity with hints of honey and barberry. It is recommended to serve chilled.
A chic bottle simulating a violin with engraving of the MZVV logo. Labels are printed on expensive and effective soft-touch material with the use of copper and gold embossing, as well as stencil varnishes.



The excess of alcohol
is harmful to your health