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24 July 2017

Restyling of "Royal Blau" wine line

Royal Blau wine line was expanded. 3 new types of wine were appeared:

- semi-sweet natural white wine "White Angel"

- semi-sweet natural red wine "Black Angel"

- semi-sweet natural white wine "Black cat"


This elegant wine of light golden sunny colour has  strong special taste and individual original flavour. Exotic fruits, citrus and green apple are guessed in the floral bouquet. The taste is soft and harmonious. Serve chilled to 10-12 °C with cold snacks, salads, hard cheeses and fish dishes.

It is soft, perfectly structured wine of luxurious pomegranate colour. Luscious and deep, it has hue of red berries and nuances of cherries and plums. The picture is filled by violet tones. The magnificent wine will decorate any feast. Ideal with meat dishes, salads and desserts. Serve at room temperature.

Beautiful wine has light golden colour. Soft light and fresh aroma with flower and honey tones. Light summer notes of exotic, citrus fruits and green apple are guessed in harmonious taste. Ideal with fish, seafood, vegetable and fruit salads, light desserts.

In addition to line expansion, the whole main line has restyling. Basic elements of label image in wines "Meine Liebe Frau (My Fair Lady)" and "Schwarzer Panther (Black Panther)" remained unchanged. But now labels have two sections with new blanking contour. Besides, on the top of the front side we added necklace with TM “Royal Blau”. The label has become more presentable with additional foil stamping, allocation of stencil lacquers and convex new elements.


The excess of alcohol
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