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01 March 2017

«Svayak» brand restyling

«Svayak» gained customers’ attention in February when it appeared on store shelves in new design. The outlook of «Svayak» brand products ever since the moment of their appearance in 2010 remained almost the same, that’s why it was the right time to renovate all the main components of design: the bottle, the label, the cap, and also the product’s organoleptic properties.

1. The form of the bottle has been renewed – its design has become more rigorous and high spirited.

2. The design of the label and bottle emphasizes the Belarusian character, the Belarusian origins of the brand, uses the ancient Belarusian ornament.

3. The holographic sign in the label bring attention to the new technology «x5 Multifiltration».

This 5-stage filtration system makes the taste of the drink unusually soft and harmonious.

x1 ion exchange filter

x2 molecular water filtration

x3 quartz sand

x4 birch charcoal

x5 platinum filter.      

4. The organoleptic properties of the product have become much better - only the exclusive high-quality grain alcohol «BelAlfa» is now used for its production. This alcohol is at the highest position at the degree of purification scale according to STB 1334-2003.

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