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01 June 2019

Author's wine “Fifty–Fifty”. Individual approach to wine.

This wine is the product of the efforts of two families of winemakers. The family of Vladimir Davidescu - a famous winemaker from Moldova, an owner of the company, who owns the best soils for viniculture. Under his leadership, a beautiful varietal wine is created: fragrant bunches are gathered manually and processed with the help of innovative equipment by competent technologists and masters of their business.

And the family of Ivan Trotsky - an experienced enologist and doctor of sciences. He creates exceptional wine mixes from several wines. The result of the meticulous work of Ivan Trotsky is the exquisite blends soaked by warmth and sun of the Moldavian land and the unique experience and heartfelt love of this professional to his work.

 Natural semi-sweet white grape wine “Fifty–Fifty”

Perfectly balanced mix of light straw color from 2 grape varieties - Chardonnay and Muscat. Bright, rich taste with barberry tones, a note of melon. The aroma is dominated by hints of field flowers. Ideal for fish dishes, seafood and vegetable salads. It is recommended to serve chilled.

 Natural semi-sweet red grape wine “Fifty–Fifty”

Harmonious, well-balanced designer's blend of beautiful ruby color from 2 grape varieties - Merlot and Cabernet. In a velvety delicate bouquet, there are notes of red berries, milk cream and soft tanninity in taste. The aroma has hints of pomegranate and violet. This wine goes well with grilled meat and vegetables. It is recommended to serve of room temperature.




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