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30 May 2019

Bottling of imported wines under the TM “World Collection”

Minsk Grape Wines Factory JSC starts bottling of imported wines under the TM “World Collection” in May 2019. We want to introduce our customers to the most popular and classic wines from different countries.

The first wines to appear in the line were those produced in Spain: Tempranillo – a landmark of the Iberian Peninsula, Airen and   Moscatel. All these kinds of wines are among the most popular in Spain.

At the heart of the concept we used the elements of the great Gaudi's mosaic.

Please welcome.

 Natural dry red grape wineTempranillo”

This full-bodied red wine is called the “landmark of Spain”: Tempranillo is one of the most famous grape varieties of the Iberian Peninsula. The wine has nice and smooth taste with soft tannins and fresh red berries. It fits perfectly with almost all kinds of dishes. Especially good - with fried meat, grilled vegetables, ripened cheeses and also sweet fruits.

 Natural dry white grape wine “Airen”

Bright wine produced from the same name white grape variety Airen, widespread in Spain. The wine has light straw color with a fascinating bouquet of citrus and tropical fruits with floral notes. The taste is balanced, silky. The wine is good as an aperitif or accompaniment for seafood, fish, white meat dishes and fresh vegetables.

Natural dry white grape wine “Moscatel”

Spanish golden wine with sweet aroma. Fresh citrus and flower notes accompany the aroma of this wine, and the nutmeg taste is accompanied by smooth fruity aftertaste. The wine is well harmonized with seafood, fish and white meat dishes.




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