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11 April 2019

New types of dry wines

 New types of wines added to the collection of dry wines produced by Minsk Grape Wines Factory. They are united by lightness, freshness and restrained simplicity of contents, a bottle with a convenient screw-type cork and modern design of a label.

 Natural dry white grape wine “WHITE EUROPEAN”

Light white wine made from European grape varieties with a refreshingly memorable taste, with floral and herbal hints. The aroma contains delicate fruity tones, aftertaste is expressive and pleasant. It creates excellent gastronomic pairs with grilled fish, seafood, vegetable salads, cheeses and poultry - all these tastes give new facets to wine.

 Natural dry red grape wine “RED EUROPEAN”

Soft “round” wine of luxurious ruby colour from European grape varieties. The main fruity hints of this wine are cherry and prunes. They give the wine a soft velvety taste and aroma a delicate harmony. This natural wine goes perfectly with almost any menu: meat - from cold ham to grilled ribs, poultry and game, salads, strong and semi-hard cheeses.


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