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10 May 2019

Seasonal novelty – rose "Rose"

The range of wines was enriched with a fundamentally new rose¢ sparkling wines in April. The uniqueness of this series is that these wines are produced by a “red on white” progressive way from red grapes Cabernet (semi-dry) and Merlot (semi-sweet).
This method is quite labour-intensive and complicated. Most often, pink wines are obtained by mixing red and white wine materials. But in our case, the wine is made from red grapes, quickly separating the grapes' husks, seeds and rind from the juice, so that the wine does not have time to be coloured red. Thus, the resulting wine material is called “Cabernet Rose¢” (semi-dry) and “Merlot Rose¢” (semi-sweet).
This sophisticated technology gave a delicate mix of pink-grapefruit colour, soft aroma with floral tinges and delicate taste of red berries.
When chilled, these wines go especially well with vegetables and seafood, lean poultry meat, cheeses, pates and desserts.



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