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06 September 2019

ТМ “World Collection”. Argentine wines

Minsk Grape Wines Factory JSC starts bottling of imported wines under the TM “World Collection” in May 2019. Three Spanish dry wines were released.

Argentine wines are presented to your attention in September.

Argentina is divided into provinces. Viniculture is mainly developed along the western part of the country, at the bottom of the Andes Mountains. Mendoza, San Juan and Salta are the most important provinces where viticulture is carried out. These are the regions where the grapes from which our wine is made grew.

The label concept was based on the ethnic motifs of the indigenous peoples of Argentina.

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 Special natural dry white grape wine “Torrontes”

Torrontes is a unique Argentinean grape variety developed on the soil of Latin American in the Salta Province, in the Cafayate Valley, the best region for the cultivation of this grape variety.

The distinctive feature of this wine is its sweet fruit aroma, expressive character, saturated with the scent of flowers, spices and tropical fruits with a dry natural acidity in taste.

 The colour of the wine is light yellow. It perfectly harmonizes with Asian cuisine. Torrontes can also be accompanied by fish and seafood, chicken meat, smoked products, fresh and middle maturity cheeses. It is consumed young, chilled to 10-12 ° C. Alcohol by volume: 13,6-16 %, shelf life - 24 months from the date of bottling.

 Natural dry white grape wine “Pinot Grigio”

The wine is made from the popular grape variety of Pinot Gris grown in Argentina in the Mendoza Province, in the Yuco Valley. It has even, pure straw colour with bright glistens. The bouquet is fresh and rich, with a predominance of ripe fruits, with light notes of white flowers and citrus fruits. The taste is elegant and velvety, well structured, with a fresh fruity aftertaste.  It perfectly harmonizes with fish and seafood dishes, salads, pasta, mushroom and poultry meat dishes. It is recommended to serve chilled to 8-10 °С. Alcohol by volume: 10,0-13,5 %, shelf life - 24 months from the date of bottling.

 Natural dry red grape wine “Malbec”

Malbec is the landmark of Argentinean winemaking. This maroon wine was brought from the Mendoza Province, from the “zona primera” microregion located at the bottom of the Andes. It has saturated dark colour and a perfect balance between piercing aroma, delicate taste and memorable velvety aftertaste. Perfect flavour berry train is accompanied by the nuances of violet, coffee and tannin aromas. The optimal temperature of serving is 15-18 °С. Gastronomic accompaniment - meat, cheese and fish dishes. Besides, the drinks are very good with peach, mango and olives. Alcohol by volume: 10-13,5 %, shelf life - 24 months from the date of bottling.



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