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14 December 2020

Expansion of the coolers line - Cruchons

We continue to expand the coolers line.

* Cooler (from English cool) is a cocktail. Most often it is a light alcoholic drink based on wine and other natural ingredients - natural juices, herbs, spices, fruits.

Now 2 types of Cruchon are on sale: Cruchon Juicy Orange and Cruchon Paradise Pomegranate.

Cruchon (fr. Cruchon - jug) belongs to the category of coolers. This is a refreshing drink based on dry natural grape wine and various additives of juices, liqueurs, extracts.

Cruchon Juicy Orange is a fruit cocktail based on light white grape wine and orange juice. The delicate orange blossom of the pear is accompanied by a juicy citrus flavor and tropical fruit aroma.

Cruchon Paradise Pomegranate is a cocktail based on natural red wine and pomegranate juice. The royal fruit gives the drink a noble purple color, a sweet taste with a slightly sourness and a characteristic aroma.

Cruchons are served chilled to 8-10 °C in special glass or crystal vessels - crockery or in jugs and served with ice separately. You can add fruit for decoration.

Advantages of our cruchons line:

The design is made in the ECO style, which emphasizes the naturalness of the product.

∙ Natural ingredients - natural juice + natural extract from fresh fruits.

∙ Very drinkable, light, pleasant, with a bright fruity flavour.

Volume - 0.7 l

Alcohol 7.5%, sugar 85 g

Expiration date 12 months.


The excess of alcohol
is harmful to your health