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23 October 2020

Expansion of the wine coolers line

In October 2020, the Minsk Grape Wine Factory released a still wine cooler Gluhwein. A cooler is a cocktail, a light drink with a small amount of alcohol (wine in our case). It is very easy to drink and can be sipped for a long time.

Mulled wine was already known in ancient Rome. Spices were added to the wine, but not heated. For the first time they began to warm it up in the countries of Northern and Central Europe during the Middle Ages. The drink was made with red wine and flavored with galangal herb.

Mulled wine is now widely distributed in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic and Estonia at Christmas markets and outdoor celebrations.

Spicy aromatic Gluhwein TM Daniel Torres is a wine cooler based on dry red wine and extracts of herbs and spices. The extract contains cinnamon, cloves, coriander, gentian, lemongrass, vanilla, orange peel and oak extract.

It will be especially pleasant to drink it from glass or crystal mugs in a country house or in a quiet, cozy dacha, surrounded by the gold of autumn, or on frosty winter days. Low faience cups will do at home. If desired, mulled wine can be decorated with cloves, anise or hints of cinnamon. When heating the drink, you can throw apples, diced straight with the peel, or citrus slices into it.

Before serving, mulled wine is heated to 65-70 degrees, but not brought to a boil, which kills all the useful properties of the cooler.

Alcohol 7.5%.





The excess of alcohol
is harmful to your health