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15 July 2020

Herbata is a new story in the category of strong alcohol based on black tea

Herbata is a new category of strong alcohol based on black tea, continuing the New Generation Spirit line, which includes bright, ambitious new generation's products, which are not afraid of experiments.

Herbata is made according to an original recipe of 35 or 36 aromatic herbs and berries. With

45% alcohol by volume, it has a smooth, slightly sweet taste of tea without any separate components. The beverage perfectly warms up in rainy weather and is ideal for cocktails.

Strong balsam Herbata Strong is made according to the original recipe of 36 aromatic herbs and berries. Strong berry-herbal mix, with the addition of black tea extract is the basis of strength and energy of this beverage.

Strong liqueur Herbata Soft is an original velvet mix of 35 components - berries, aromatic herbs and tea extract. The soft enveloping liqueur is perfect as an accompaniment to fruit desserts and as a base for cocktails.


The excess of alcohol
is harmful to your health