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14 April 2020

Line of youth wines "Happy Friday"

Is there someone among us who doesn't like Friday?

We think Friday and a glass of wine make a great pair. With the working week is behind us and the weekend is ahead of us, we have a great opportunity to relax and hang out with "Happy Friday" wines.

The brand concept is aimed at a young audience. By the way, now, when it is recommended to observe self-insulation, we offer to stay in touch with friends remotely. Parties with friends on self-insulation using messengers are becoming more and more popular. With "Happy Friday" wines, Friday will really be happy.

The line is represented by semi-sweet wines, which includes two red varieties:

- Shiraz

- Cabernet-Sauvignon

and two white wines:

- Chardonnay

- Sauvignon

Advantages of the line:

- Individuality and purity of taste of classical unblended wines

- Sounding positive naming to match the brand image

- Attractive modern label design in rich colours with holographic effects successfully conveys the emotions of joy, fun and active pastime peculiar to youth.

- Affordable price

Natural semi-sweet white grape wine "Chardonnay"

Fine white wine of golden and straw colour with a greenish cast. The bouquet is thin, with tones of barberry and a touch of melon. It has a pleasant refreshing taste with bright fruitiness.

It is recommended to serve prechilled to a variety of seafood dishes, vegetable salads, cheeses and fruits.

Natural semi-sweet white grape wine "Sauvignon"

Elegant wine with a delicate light straw colour and silver reflections. The aroma is subtle, typical for this variety. The bouquet displays the tones of green apple, black currant leaves, lime. The taste is refreshing, with a pleasant sourness, in the aftertaste you can clearly feel the shades of black currant. It is suitable to serve chilled to seafood, white meat, cheese and fruit.

Natural semi-sweet red grape wine "Cabernet-Sauvignon"

This fine, elegant wine of dark ruby colour has a characteristic tart taste with tones of red currant. The aroma is exquisitely varietal, with a bright, dry aftertaste.

It is recommended to be served with meat dishes, game, salads, as well as fruit and desserts. The wine will reveal its properties most fully at room temperature.

Natural semi-sweet red grape wine "Shiraz"

Shiraz is a full-bodied wine with a rich ruby colour, derived from the grape variety of the same name. It combines the lush aroma with hints of black currant and violets and a long velvety aftertaste. It is recommended to serve at room temperature in combination with fried meat, game, poultry and desserts.


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