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05 March 2020

New bright spring "European" wines

MGWF continues to expand its line of wines under the TM "European". Earlier 2 kinds for fans of dry wines - red and white were produced. Now the factory has decided to please with two semi-sweet novelties. Spring bright design stands out on the shelf.

These wonderful wines, besides the taste component, have a significant additional advantage - incredible ease of opening the bottle. The package is equipped with a screw cap, which allows you to open a bottle without using a corkscrew. This convenient screw cap also allows you to store unused products in the fridge. Ideal for those who drink wine in small portions or keep a small stock for cooking. A special wine gasket in the hood prevents wines from flattening.

Natural semi-sweet red grape wine "Red European"

Soft “round” wine of luxurious ruby colour from European grape varieties. The main fruity hints of this wine are cherry and prunes. They give the wine a soft velvety taste and aroma a delicate harmony. This natural wine goes perfectly with almost any menu: meat - from cold ham to grilled ribs, poultry and game, salads, strong and semi-hard cheeses.

Natural semi-sweet white grape wine "White European"

Light white wine from European grape varieties with refreshing and memorable taste, with floral and herbal hints. The aroma has delicate fruity hints, the aftertaste is expressive and pleasant. It forms beautiful gastronomic pairs with grilled fish, seafood, vegetable salads, cheeses and poultry - all tastes give new facets to the wine.





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