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22 June 2020

Premium novelty. Vodka Black bison

Bison is one of the most famous symbols of Belarus. Our country occupies the 1st place in the world by the population of this prehistoric beast, listed in the Red Book.

It is impossible to say exactly when the bison became the symbol of Belarus. But it can be said without prejudice that our ancestors were always proud of this rare neighbor. The famous poem "The Song about the Bison" written by Mikola Gusovsky in the first half of the 16th century, glorifies the dense forests of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and their "king" - the bison. Upon that, as Mikola Gusovsky wrote, our ancestors were happy to tell each other incredible stories about this majestic beast, admiring its strength and wisdom. Our ancestors represented the bison with the forces of nature and worshiped it as a symbol of their native land.

 Black Bison is a new premium vodka from selected grain alcohol "Belalfa" with a light component of 17 herbs and spices.

Monochrome image made by silkscreen technology and matte glass bottles create a complete image, conveying a sense of transparency and ecological purity of the product.

In the composition of Black Bison selected grain alcohol "Belalfa" and extracts from natural ingredients: thyme, marjoram, hypericum, orange peel, mint, sage, yarrow, clover, wild snakeroot, chicory, willow leaves, blackberry leaves, liquorice root, fennel, anise, calamus root, magnolia vine.

Aroma: delicate aroma of herbs and spices.

Taste: very soft, balanced, light herbal nuance, with no apparent dominance in taste.

Alcohol by volume: 40%.

Volume - 1 liter.




The excess of alcohol
is harmful to your health