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22 January 2021

Ambassador and Svayak are the winners of People's Brand-2021

The results of the consumer competition People's Brand-2021 have been announced.

The top brands of our factory TM Svayak and TM Ambassador are the leaders of the popular vote:

Ambassador won the first place in the category Wine Producer.

Svayak won the first place in the Vodka category.

This competition brings the popular brands to the pedestal.

The mission of the award is to reveal the current consumer preferences of the residents of the republic.

For several years in a row, the brand of our company Ambassador became its laureate. This year has doubled our victory.

A professional jury does not take part in the voting. Only consumers vote - representatives of all regions of our country, age and social groups. They choose their favorite brand without prompts or options, through open voting in the media.

This type of survey adds value to the awards received. After all, the success of our iconic brands TM Svayak and TM Ambassador is due to interrelated factors:

- introduction of advanced production technologies on modern European equipment;

- constant modernization;

- reliable suppliers;

- a strict system of quality control and certification in accordance with international standards.

In the production of TM AMBASSADOR wines, we use cold bottling technology, which allows us to preserve all the quality characteristics of the product - its structure, taste, flavour.

The Svayak brand is produced on modern equipment using the proprietary technology of stage-by-stage processing and filtration of water and alcohol x5 Multifiltration. It includes the following stages: ion exchange filter - molecular filtration of water - quartz sand - birch charcoal - platinum filter.

 Final cleaning with platinum filters gives the drink an additional note of noble taste.

We are grateful to our customers for their constant choice and are sure that we will justify love and trust this time too!





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