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30 April 2021

Ready for the summer barbecue season. Still grape wine cooler Khmelnaya vishnya and dry wine Saperavi in TetraPak packaging

Expecting the summer season of Minsk Grape Wine Factory JSC present new products for lovers of summer outdoor recreation in TetraPak packaging:

  • Still grape wine cooler Khmelnaya vishnya and
  • natural dry grape wine Saperavi.

The first novelty appeared thanks to the success of the Khmelnaya vishnya sparkling wine cooler, which, gained high popularity just in three months after the first appearance of the product in supermarkets. The product won a DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL at the 2020 International Wine Competition in San Francisco (USA). It is awarded to exceptional products that have received gold medals from all members of the jury. Also in April 2021, Khmelnaya vishnya won the gold medal of Prodexpo-2021 at the international exhibition in Moscow.

Cooler Khmelnaya vishnya is a fashionable light mix of natural grape wine, rich cherry juice and extract from selected Dark Morello cherries, loved by many. The deep dark ruby color shimmers beautifully in the glass, and the bright scent of cherry pits reminds of a warm summer. The flavour is bright cherry-almond, velvety, moderately sweet, with a light noble sourness. Khmelnaya vishnya will serve as an excellent accompaniment to poultry dishes with fruits: bananas, pineapples, oranges, goat cheese salads and fruit salads with mascarpone. It is irresistible with cinnamon and vanilla dishes.  It will make an appetizing, beautiful gastronomic pair for any desserts made of chocolate, ice cream, sorbets and cakes, mousses and flambéed fruits. Of course, the novelty is great for summer perfect picnics.

Alcohol 7,5%.



И второе вино, идеально подходящее к шашлычному сезону: сухое натуральное виноградное красное вино «Саперави», приготовлено из одноименного грузинского красного сорта винограда, выращенного на юге Молдовы. 




Вино обладает характерным сильным сортовым ароматом с нежными сливочными тонами и гармоничным вкусом. Во вкусе можно оценить полноту, терпкость, бархатистость с ягодными нотками.

Цвет насыщенный, темно-гранатовый, с пурпурным оттенком. Рекомендуется подавать комнатной температуры. Идеальное сопровождение к шашлыкам, красным сортам мяса, сырам и фруктам.

Крепость: 9 – 13,5%


The excess of alcohol
is harmful to your health