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29 March 2021

Schnapps is a new category of distillates on the Belarusian market

Schnapps (Germ. Schnaps) is a distillate that first appeared in Germany and Austria in the 15th century. There is a legend that the name "schnapps" came from "schnappen", which means" to drink in a quick slug".

The term Schnapps is a generalized name for strong alcoholic beverages, which usually refers to various pure (no additives) distillates obtained by distilling wort from grains and fruits. Initially, schnapps was made from potatoes by distilling potato wort.

The volumetric alcohol content in schnapps is 40%. The flavour is strong, masculine, but not sweet.

The line of drinks is presented in 3 flavours: pomegranate, pear and peach.

All components in the composition are only natural, natural juices are used in the production.

 "Schnapps. Pomegranate” has a fresh, not sweet, well-balanced flavour with notes of ripe fruits and a bright pomegranate tone.

"Schnapps. Pear” has a rich, not sweet, mild flavour with bright notes of ripe pear and a warm aftertaste.

Intense, soft and not sweet flavour of “Schnapps. Peach" opens with bright fruity tones of ripe peach. The composition is completed by a long, warming aftertaste.

Schnapps is an excellent digestive and an interesting alternative for lovers of colored liqueurs.





The excess of alcohol
is harmful to your health