01 March 2021

Spotykach. Cuckoo is a new product of the New Generation Spirit line

Spotykach is a sweet alcoholic drink based on berries, dried fruits, spices, herbs, sugar and vodka. It is mentioned in the literature since the 18th century, but in fact it was prepared even in older times. It was usually prepared by women. According to legend, if a cuckoo flew to the house of a single girl, it was considered the messenger of a soon wedding. In order to make the omen come true, the bride-to-be tied a red ribbon on the cuckoo tree and prepared Spotykach. This traditional sweet drink made of berries, honey and spices took an honorable place on the wedding table at that time.

The name comes from the effect that occurs after drinking Spotykach: a person seems to lose coordination of movements and stumbles.

Spotykach. Cuckoo by Minsk Grape Wine Factory is a new product that continues the New Generation Spirit line. This assortment line includes bright, ambitious new generation products open for experiments.

Spotykach. Cuckoo is a premium sweet nastoika made of natural ingredients: honey, peach and plum juices from selected juicy fruits, alcoholic fruit drink from black chokeberry, an infusion of oak bark and a carefully selected extract from herbs and spices - cinnamon, cardamom, saffron and star anise.

Spotykach. Cuckoo bouquet harmoniously combines delicate fruity aromas of plum, peach and prune.

Flavour: black chokeberry infused with selected alcohol give the liqueur a rich sweet taste with noble sourness and subtle astringency in the aftertaste. The chokeberry berries contained in each bottle continue to give their flavour even after bottling, making it richer and brighter.



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