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15 March 2021

Starka Black. New mysterious flavour

We continue to expand the line of the legendary Belarusian alcohol drink Starka, beloved by many, and present a new interpretation of the well-known flavour - Starka. Black strong alcohol drink.

Starka. Black is the premium quality of our top brand Starka. A special feature of the drink is its aging on 3 types of medium-fired oak wood chips: Q.Sessiflora, Q. Robur and Q. Alba.

Starka. Black is an exquisite, harmonious and soft taste. The drink has a balance between the nuances of pear, apple and noble notes of cognac, oak and spices. The flavour is complex, intense, with a cognac note, enriched with spices and the smoke of roasted oak.

List of ingredients: alcohol "Belalfa", alcoholized infusion of oak chips, unseasoned rye distillate, cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, star anise, coffee extract, apple extract, prune extract, pear extract.

Starka. Black is a bright and interesting novelty for connoisseurs of strong alcohol.


The excess of alcohol
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