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14 March 2021

Starka Botanical. Interesting flavour of a well-known brand

The line of the legendary Belarusian alcohol drink Starka has been expanded with a new product - Starka. Botanical strong alcohol drink

Straka. Botanical has a well-known Starka flavour, but a crystal-clear color, with the addition of 17 herbs and spices.

The lock on the package is a symbol of a real Starka, because the legendary product was the pride of hospitable hosts and was kept for special occasions under a secure lock.

Starka. Botanical is a new original recipe based on 17 herbs and spices. The drink harmoniously combines the recognizable notes of the original Starka - pear, apple and 17 aromatic herbs (alcohol “Belalfa”, unseasoned rye distillate, ginger, calamus root, clefthoof, chamomile, bison, anise, juniper, sage, basil, nutmeg, clove, cardamom, apple extract, ginseng root extract, prune extract, oak extract, pear extract).

The result is a noble and aromatic drink with a mild taste and light fruity notes.

Alc. 40%




The excess of alcohol
is harmful to your health