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26 May 2021

The Minsk Grape Wines Factory Was Awarded Gold Stars in Brussels. The Best Global Products of the 2021 Superior Taste Award are Announced

“Only authentic taste!” – this phrase could well be the motto of the eminent competition held annually by the International Taste Institute in Brussels. International Taste Certificate – this is what professionals call the Gold Stars “For Excellent Taste”, which are awarded to the best products participating in the Superior Taste Award competition.

 This year, more than 2,200 food and drink products from around the world received coveted awards.

 Among them, the products of our factory occupy their rightful place every year.

 2021 Superior Taste Award Winning Products

3 Gold Stars (out of three possible) “For Exceptional Taste” were awarded to Svayak. Green Reserve vodka. This is an easily drinkable, very fresh vodka with a slight pleasant hint of licorice in flavor. The green natural style in the design of the product reveals the soothing mood hidden inside the bottle. Green Reserve entered seamlessly the line of drinks of our Svayak top brand, supporting the trends of sustainability and naturalness of products, which was appreciated by the jury of the competition.

1 Gold Star of the 2021 Superior Taste Award is rightfully awarded to our new product of 2020, which has become a favorite with customers – Khmelnaya Vishnya sweet nastoika. This is a premium beverage produced according to a traditional Belarusian recipe on a natural cherry juice base. The nastoika has a soft, balanced, moderately sweet, but not sickly flavor with a noble slightly sour taste and a bright aroma of cherries and cherry pits.

And 1 more Star was added to the collection of our awards for a bright, ambitious drink with an explosive taste – Khmelnaya Vishnya sparkling wine cooler. This is a low-alcohol drink with a strength of 7.5%, a combination of natural red wine, extract from Dark Morello selected cherries, and cherry juice.

Khmelnaya Vishnya cooler is an award-winning participant in taste competitions and the owner of the highest distinctions from different continents. In 2020, the drink became the winner of the 40th SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL WINE COMPETITION, USA, winning the DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL, which is awarded only to exceptional products that received gold medals from all members of the jury. This spring, the bright taste qualities of the cooler were appreciated by the jury of the Prodexpo-2021 tasting competition in Moscow with a gold medal.

The Taste Institute, founded in 2005 in Brussels, Belgium, has performed the sensory evaluation and taste certification of over 18,000 food and beverage products. And their number is growing from year to year. The secret is simple: the opportunity to get an honest, unbiased evaluation of the quality of your product from renowned chefs and sommeliers of various European culinary associations.


The products are evaluated by blind tasting; product samples are anonymous. Neither the packaging, and the brand, nor the country of origin of the product can influence the expert’s opinion, the evaluation indicator is only the taste.

Such transparency of certification encourages manufacturers to improve the taste of their products, contributing to the mission of the competition, i.e., to make the world a tastier place.

The Minsk Grape Wines Factory succeeds like no other. Every year, the products presented for the competition receive well-deserved awards.

Our company places special emphasis on the quality of products. We strictly follow our motto: “The best quality is the only option”, observing and adhering to the most stringent international rules and production standards.

And this bears fruit both in the form of awards received at various world competitions, a growing share of exports and, most importantly, a great interest in our products from buyers.

By bringing a considerable experience to the industry of alcoholic beverages, our company continues to maintain the status of the leading manufacturer of the domestic market, as well as to expand and strengthen recognition on the global stage and in the hearts of every buyer.


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