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02 September 2021

The Return of the Legend: Wild Duck. Ultra Premium and Wild Duck. Platinum


Wild Duck is a brand known in the Belarusian market since 2012, which has shown an excellent performance and is supported and recognized by consumers. 

Today Wild Duck returns to the Belarusian market in a new improved Ultra-Premium quality. The new premium bottle design is always recognizable, but more sophisticated round-shaped, slightly expanding towards the bottle shoulders. Pleasantly tactile engravings on the bottle: ears of wheat, the image of a duck on the front and reverse bottle side.

The innovative cap with a diffuser ensures perfect pouring of the drink, while the red tamper-evident ring provides a visual indication of opening.

It has a complex multi-material holographic label.

But the most important, certainly, is inside the bottle.

Wild duck ULTRA PREMIUM is made according to an improved formula based on selected BELALFA grain alcohol with the aromatic spirit of lemon peel.

Wild Duck ULTRA PREMIUM vodka owes its innovative nature to the TRIPLE FILTRATION technology. The vodka is subjected to successive triple filtration with precious metals: first with silver, then with gold, and at the last stage – with platinum filters. The result is exceptional purity, softness, and noble taste.

Ingredients: water, BELALFA alcohol, sugar, aromatic alcohol, lemon peel.

Aroma: subtle vodka aroma, light lemon aroma.

Taste: very mild and balanced, with a light nuance of lemon, without a clear dominant flavor.

Strength: 40%.

Wild duck PLATINUM is a standard staple of vodka art. It is made from high-quality new-generation PLATINUM alcohol and crystal-clear water.

An improved formula of Wild Duck PLATINUM vodka, which contains only alcohol and water, carefully preserves the traditional, mild and deep taste of real vodka.

One of the achievements of the improved PLATINUM alcohol is a significant reduction in the concentration of fusel oils, aldehydes, and methanol in vodka. It ensures well-being after consumption.

Ingredients: PLATINUM alcohol, water.

Aroma: subtle vodka aroma.

Taste: very mild, balanced, light.

Strength: 40%.


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