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19 May 2021

Time to remember Italy. We create new mixes

A pleasant spring-summer season has arrived. We are gradually starting to master out-of-town trips. Yes, and in the city the aromas are drunk, the foliage is gaining strength, and even the bumblebees are already beginning to quietly hum expecting real warmth.

Well, since only a very small number of people have the opportunity to travel around Italy at the moment, we will not indulge in despondency, but we will deal with domestic tourism. As they say - the Italian mood will not create itself!

In our variation of a dreamy-contemplative vacation, we want to offer a couple of summer popular cocktails based on Maldini vermouth - an analogue of Italian wormwood vermouth.

General tips:

- sparkling wine or champagne in cocktails is gently mixed with a spoon with a long handle, it foams strongly while active shaking;

- before cooking, all ingredients and the glass should be well cooled;

- only large glasses are suitable for cocktails. They should exceed the total volume of all components by 20-30%.


Maldini with Grande Secco white sparkling wine

An exquisite, moderately sweet cocktail will be the perfect complement to a glamorous bachelorette party. Maldini Rosso and white sparkling semi-dry wine Grande Secco create a refined and harmonious union.


strawberry, raspberry or cherry syrup - 30 ml;

Maldini Rosso - 100 ml;

white sparkling wine Grande Secco - 150 ml;

ice cubes.

Recipe: Add syrup, red Maldini Rosso and white sparkling wine Grande Secco to a glass filled with ice. Do not stir the cocktail, decorate with a mint leaf, strawberry or raspberry. Drink through a straw.


Maldini with juice. Variations on a theme of Maldini Royal

Light cocktail, large volume

Maldini goes well with tonic or juices. In the second case, you can get a wide variety of types of delicious cocktails. The most successful are mixes with orange (preferably red orange), pineapple, lemon and cherry juices.


Maldini Rosso - 50 ml;

white sparkling wine Grande Secco - 100 ml;

juice - 150 ml;


Recipe: Mix red Maldini with selected juice, add white Grande Secco sparkling wine and top with a few ice cubes. The proportions of the ingredients can be changed at your discretion.


Bianco Sunrise

A citrus sweet cocktail for lovers of longs and a romantic meeting of the dawn.

The color transitions in the glass resemble the mystery of the rising of the sun.


Maldini Bianco - 50 ml;

cranberry juice - 75 ml;

orange juice - 75 ml;

ice - 150 grams.

Recipe: after mixing all the ingredients, a red sun will appear at the bottom of the glass, and dawn - on top.


Maldini and sprite

A refreshing mix of vermouth and lemon soda. The sweet-tart taste of the cocktail will appeal to fans of summer parties.


Maldini Rosso (red) - 60 ml;

sprite - 30 ml.

Recipe: Mix 2 parts Maldini Rosso with 1 part cold Sprite. Slices of fruit or rose petals are suitable as decoration.

* Grande Secco can be replaced with Soviet Premium or Ambassador Champagne (brut or semi-dry).

 So, we take all the drinks with us, a shaker, don't forget the matching beautiful glasses. And ... hello, the flavour of Italy!






The excess of alcohol
is harmful to your health