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16 March 2021

VINOTTI. A line of world mixes

We present a novelty - a new brand of carbonated coolers - VINOTTI.

VINOTTI are natural coolers, analogs of the world's most popular cocktails. Contains natural grape wine, natural concentrated juices (orange, lemon, cherry, blackcurrant) and natural extracts / extracts from fruits - coconut extract, lemon / lime peel, grapefruit, cola nut, dry blackcurrant berry extract, cherry extract, herbal extract and spices. All this gives the coolers a bright rich fruity flavour, without a hint of chemistry.


 «Pina-Colada. Wine & Coconut» - the iconic Caribbean cocktail Pina Colada with a range of juicy tropical flavours. The birthplace of the cocktail is the Caribbean. Classic refreshing taste.

 «Spritz. Wine & Grapefruit» an Italian cocktail with an expressive citrus flavour and grapefruit aroma. The tenderness and pungency of a hot southern night.

«Calimocho. Wine & Сola-lime» - a popular cocktail from the Basque Country (Spain). The mix has a bright cola aroma and a balanced lemon-lime flavour.

«Kir Royal. Wine & Black currant» - la la femme fatale  "femme fatale", as the French say about this drink. A cocktail with a delicate berry flavour and an explosive aroma of fresh black currant.

«Dark Morello Cherry. Wine & Dark Cherry»- a variation of the Italian cocktail. An explosive combination of natural red wine and cherry juice with an extract from selected Dark Morello cherries.

«Lemon Ice-Royal. Wine&Lemon» - a variation of an English cocktail based on white wine and lemon juice. The cocktail has a balanced flavour and harmonious citrus aroma.

VINOTTI coolers have a TWIST-OFF system for easy opening. You just need to turn the cork with your hands and an open cocktail is in your hands.

VINOTTI are light, fresh, moderately sweet mixes with a very pleasant taste. Ideal for fun parties with friends. Ready to chill!


The excess of alcohol
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