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06 December 2022

10th Anniversary Award “People’s Choice Brand – 2023”

The 10th anniversary solemn ceremony for the winners of the annual consumer acceptance award “People’s Choice Brand – 2023” took place on December 1.

The People’s Choice Brand Award annually names the best brands by open voting in the media and on the award website. Consumers decide, which brand they give their preference to, by naming the brand they prefer and are ready to recommend. The People’s Brand Choice Award is an honorary symbol of people’s love and trust.

Ambassador TM has been awarded the title of the “People’s Choice Brand” in the “Wine Producer” category for the seventh year in a row, and the “Svayak” brand became the winner among vodka brands.

Minsk Grape Wine Factory CJSC is a leader in the production and sales of alcoholic beverages in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The production fitted with modern equipment provides for the processes of storage, champagnizing, blending, and bottling.

The best Moldavian wine-making materials from the largest winegrowers are purchased for the Ambassador TM wines, and we use the cold process bottling technology in production. The wine is not subjected to heat treatment, due to which it retains its natural colour, taste and aroma, and most importantly, its health benefits. Ambassador wines are notable for high quality and refined taste.

The “Svayak” brand is created exclusively from the high-quality Belalfa new-generation alcohol and is produced using modern equipment under proprietary technology for step-by-step processing and filtration of water and alcohol x5 Multifiltration. It includes the following stages: ion exchange filtration - molecular water filtration - quartz sand - birch charcoal - platinum filter. The final purification with platinum filters gives the drink an additional tint of noble taste.

We thank our customers for their trust and devoted choice of our company’s brands!



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