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09 February 2022

Celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in the Italian Style!

A wonderful and unforgettable evening can be arranged in honor of St. Valentine's Day with Frizzante wines. The line is represented by sparkling natural grape white wines: semi-dry GRANDE SECCO and semi-sweet DOLCE MOSCATO.

Gracefully balanced GRANDE SECCO of light straw color is characterized by a delicate subtle mousse texture and a refreshing burst of taste. There is a hint of Italian style in its delicate fruity-floral bouquet: tempting pear, light citrus hints, and tropical fruit. This wine goes perfectly with seafood, cheeses, and light refreshments with salty fillings, such as caviar, sockeye salmon, and pâtés. 

The most delicate combination of floral aroma and moderately velvety taste in DOLCE MOSCATO with hints of tea rose, dried apricots, and acacia will give you a serendipitous experience. This wine is served chilled (about 12 °C) to vegetable dishes, strong cheeses, and seafood. It shall be of room temperature when served to desserts: cookies, cakes, and other pastries. 

Both wines are good both as an aperitif and as a main drink.

By the way, the semi-dry Grande Secco wine is an excellent base for cocktails: in the Mimosa cocktail (with grapefruit juice and syrup), the Spritz cocktail with beater and soda (do not forget to add ice). It works well with peach, orange, or pineapple juices. 

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