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18 May 2022

New Product – Wild Duck. Organic Vodka

Wild Duck. Organic vodka is made from Organic Platinum organic grain alcohol. It is made from selected grain grown in an ecologically clean zone of the Republic of Belarus: in the Berestovitsa district of the Grodno region. Selected rye is grown according to all the rules of organic farming. Only natural organic fertilizers are used. No growth enhancers, pesticides, and GMOs are used.

Wild Duck. Organic vodka contains only organic alcohol and crystal-clear water. The volume of grain for the production of organic alcohol is limited by the yield capacity and area of ​​the field, the soil of which has not been exposed to inorganic fertilizers for 5 years. That is why Wild Duck. Organic vodka is produced in a limited quantity and each bottle is assigned its individual number.

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The excess of alcohol
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