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22 March 2022

New Season, New Rules. European Red Wine Chilled

The main idea of ​​this red wine is that it is served chilled. Usually, red wine is consumed at room temperature. But this blend of European grape varieties is served cooled down to 12–14 °C. That is why the wine acquires depth and bright texture and reveals an elegant delicate aroma of red berries with soft tannins. To achieve the desired effect, the wine is cooled down in the refrigerator to a proper temperature. Alternatively, ice is added to the glass. However, there is a high probability of supercooling.

Soft wine of luxurious ruby ​​​​color from European grape varieties. The main hints, red berries, endow the wine with a soft velvety taste, and gently harmonize the aroma. This natural wine goes well with almost any dish: meat (from cold ham to grilled ribs), poultry and game, salads, and strong and semi-hard cheeses.

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