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06 July 2023

Hard liquor MINTBLANC

A new product in the assortment range “New Generation Spirit”.

MINTBLANC is hard liquor with a chilly, refreshing mint flavour, with 40% concentration.

There are different ways to drink MINTBLANC liquor:

-      by cold shot method – at a gulp, without diluting, from small glasses. It is desirable to chill the liquor in the freezer for a couple of hours, or to “freeze” the glasses beforehand—then the liquor will become more draughty and its icy freshness will unfold.

-      in cocktails; it is excellent to drink in combination with tonic, citrus juices, or mineral water.

-      when added to hot chocolate, black coffee, or green tea.

The drink is perfect for relaxing in the nature at any time of the year. MINTBLANC is easy to drink neat. Its excellent mint flavour allows you not to feel the strength of the drink. The real flavour of MINTBLANC liquor can only be appreciated as neat.

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