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18 April 2023

NALIBOKI GOLD. Expanding the Product Line.

NALIBOKI GOLD is an authentic Belarusian brand that glorifies the amenities of our country, its unspoilt nature, and storied history.

The specialities of the Naliboki Gold product line are represented by strong 36%-strength unsweetened spirits, which are made according to the old-time traditional Belarusian recipes based on natural juices and extracts. In addition to BelAlfa high-quality alcohol, the composition of the spirits includes rye distillate, which makes the taste of the beverages more bright and intriguing.

The Naliboki Gold line includes three new flavours:

Naliboki Gold. Lyasny Arekh (Hazelnut) – It has a mild nutty flavour with a caramel nut aroma.

Naliboki Gold. Salodkaya Vishnya (Sweet Cherry) – It has intense cherry balanced flavour with cherry pit bitterness.

Naliboki Gold. Smachnaya Malina (Delicious Raspberry) – It has intense raspberry flavour and aroma.

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