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07 June 2023

Novelty Cider Le Bruit

We have created a special semi-dry sparkling cider Le Bruit for you!

Le Bruit Cider is a product made using natural fermentation technology. The main advantage of this line is that both types of cider are unsweetened.  

Fans of cider and low-alcohol beverages will appreciate the lightness, subtle mousse, and unobtrusive sweetness in this French drink.

The Le Bruit cider line is presented in two flavours: Apple and White Pear and Apple and Red Cherry.

Special semi-dry sparkling cider Le Bruit Apple and White Pear is unsweetened with a delicate aroma of duchess pear. The taste is a ripe white pear with hints of apple and crisp.

Special semi-dry sparkling cider Le Bruit Apple and Red Cherry is unsweetened with a pleasant aroma and elegant fruity hints. The flavour is clean with crisp and hints of ripe cherries and apples.


The excess of alcohol
is harmful to your health