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Cremossa Original
Cremossa Original

Emulsion liqueur

“Cremossa” emulsion liqueur (alc. 17%) is a magical combination of tender cream, delicate scent of vanilla and taste of tight dense cappuccino foam. The perfect balance of all of these ingredients with the softest alcohol base makes this drink very tasty and flavorful.

Cremossa will make an evening with a loved one romantic and elegant, and a party with friends –joyous and festive. 

How to drink Cremossaliqueur.

  • Cremossaisnicetodrinkneat. Withcoffee, icecreamor other desserts it is served in special liqueur glasses.
  • Added to coffee instead of cream. Greatforinformalgatherings. Sincetheliqueurisquitesweet, there’snoneedtoputsugarin thecoffee.
  • On the rocks. Lovers of chilled drinks may have it served in large glasseswith ice cubes or crushed ice, and sprinkled with cocoa powder or grated chocolate on top. It may also be garnished with a small strawberry on the edgeor inside the glass.
  • Cremossais perfect in combination with banana flavor. Abanana is pre-cut and put on skewers. A quickly made salad of strawberries and bananas is also good with this liqueur.
  • Added toice cream. Mix some regular shortbread cookies, crushed nuts, chopped strawberries or cherries with slightly softened ice cream.Put ice cream in the ice-cream bowls and sprinkle with grated chocolate or cocoa. Eat the dessert with a spoon and chase it with Cremossa. Delicious!
  • Together with other desserts. The taste of Cremossa is perfectly combined with the taste of Tiramisu cake, but any other creamy coffee dessert with cream will also do well.Cremossamayalsobe served with marshmallows.  

“Love should be elegant!” 


Volume in liters, lBox, pcsBar-codeАlcohol
0.5 16 4810738008478  17 °


The excess of alcohol
is harmful to your health