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Premium vodka

Premium vodka “Mѣnskъ” has been specially created for the 950th anniversary of the city, which will be celebrated in 2017. It is designed in the style of the ancient history of Minsk, rich not only with historical events, but also with legends.

The inscription “Mѣnskъ” and the advertising texts are written in old pre-reform Russian alphabet characters, not used nowadays (for example, the letter “Ѣ” - Yat), because some of the first mentions about Minsk in the chronicles had been written in the same manner. Moreover, this is not only one of the most ancient names of our capital, but is also the name of a legendary character. “Mѣnskъ” was a fabulous miller-bogatyr, the founder of our city, who pulled gigantic mills on wheels around.

The idea of the mythic founder of the city was rethought by the company in the form of a new vodka processing technology involving relict natural flint, which is unique for the Belarusian market and suits the historical aspect of the product concept. In order to make it more historically authentic, the volume is specified on the bottle according to the ancient Slavic system of measurement: in buckets.

 The noble taste of “Mѣnskъ” vodka is created according to an ancient recipe by processing through relict natural flint. Rich bread composition is fresh and has a light honey flavor. It’s a perfect choice for a hearty and rich table – light and smooth to drink. Best served when slightly chilled.

Volume in liters, lBox, pcsBar-codeАlcohol
0,5  6 4810738010259 40 °
0,7  6 4810738011652 40 °
Vodka «Мѣнскъ»
Silver medal, ProdExpo-2018, Moscow
Vodka «Mѣnskъ»
Golden medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018, США
Vodka “Mѣnskъ”
2 Golden Stars for «Notable Taste» at the Superior Taste Award 2017, Brussels, Belgium
Vodka “Mѣnskъ”
Laureate, Best Products of Belarus in 2016, Minsk
Vodka “Mѣnskъ”
"New Product of the Year" in the nomination "Food Products"


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