Dessert liqueur

“Limoncello”(alc. 20%) is an Italian dessert liqueur. The flavor and aroma of this drink contain bright lemon notes. Limoncello has a sunny bright color with a slight tint of gold and green. Being rich and sweet, this liqueur at the same time has somewhat pungent and bitter taste.

When handled properly, Limoncello shows its fresh and juicy taste in all its glory and becomes a welcome guest at your table.

How to drink Limoncello liqueur.

  • The liqueur is served chilled, almost frozen, in small high shot glasses first kept in the freezer so that their walls get covered with a thin layer of ice, andthen they are movedto a refrigerator for several hours before serving.
  • Limoncello is drunk by taking small sips and holding them in the mouth for a few seconds. After a sip is taken, the vapors of liqueur are exhaled through the nose.
  • Limoncellois a classic digestif, which means it is served immediately after a meal (or in between meals).
  • In Italy this liqueur is drunk without snacks. But those with sweet tooth will appreciate desserts like cakes, candies, chocolate or fruit with their Limoncello.
  • Limoncello with ice cream. A simple, yet very original and tasty dish. Just put some ice cream in a saucer and pour this delicious lemon liqueur over it.

“Vacations in Italy with Limoncello!"

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